Being Yourself, Is A Need Not Just A Desire


Every person has a different dose of life. God has given everything to us, be yourself by accepting and loving yourself and everything about us.

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If all your friends like black and gray, whereas you yourself like red, yellow and blue. wear it, isn't that difference that makes it beautiful? if you are different and your friends accept that difference, isn't that what is called the essence and the highest essence of friendship? be yourself that's your need

God made us, similar in appearance. What a supremacy God created so many people by providing the uniqueness and privileges that characterize everyone who is created. We are created with certain uniqueness, which finally makes us beautiful.
These conditions require us to be ourselves. Being yourself is a need, not just a desire. sometimes I feel sorry when I see so many lies and plays, that have to do to be able to get praise, be accepted, loved, or appreciated by others. It is very ironic, when we pretend to be other people to be liked, it is the same with we underestimating and stomping on ourselves.
Being yourself to just be liked, is the most unlucky decision for those who are ill-minded. Impress someone with what you are, not because you lie and pretend to be what he wants you to be. If that happens then be prepared to harvest the hurt, because as time goes by, he will start to hate you when your real side is seen. Let someone be impressed because of who you are, not because of your play.

Love what you love,
if others don't like what you like,
it doesn't matter to you, right?
How do you feel when you pretend to be someone else? You might feel strange, not relaxed, not happy, or not enjoying life. It is also not possible that you do not have many friends. This is because in your heart, you are depressed and burdened with your own ways and actions. Friends, this is the real world, not a stage that is too much pretense and lies to be liked by many people.There are many ways you can do to stay yourself.

1. who are you really? (get to know yourself first).
As humans who have will and character, of course, recognizing ourselves is a basic ability for us, before getting to know others. Each of us has weaknesses and weaknesses. The most important thing to know by yourself is the weaknesses and shortcomings that have. Accepting all the shortcomings that are owned may make us able to recognize ourselves. Otherwise, it doesn't matter. Some of the questions below can help you identify yourself:
• What strengths do you have and what weaknesses always haunt you?
• What things do you like, and what things do you not like?
• How do you get along and relate to others?
• What kind of life makes you happy?
• What makes you happy, money, love, beauty or simplicity?
• Between red and yellow, which comfort you?
• Which beach and mountain can calm you better?

If you like red instead of yellow
likes to tick tok rather than reading
love the mountains rather than the beach
like to make friends with staying at home
then is there anyone who forbids?
it's you, recognize it and do everything that makes you happy

2. Accept yourself
After getting to know yourself, the thing to do is to accept yourself. Every human being is created with certain strengths or abilities, also certain weaknesses and shortcomings. The weakness we have is an imperfect mosai, which God created, so that one day it can be completed by the abilities of others. Don't be afraid of that weakness. What we need to do is to accept ourselves these weaknesses and continue to live, because we are not alone in this world, God has created fellow, brothers or spouses to complete our shortcomings. Accepting yourself is the best way to make us live happily.

3. Make your strength your identity.
God gives us weaknesses and weaknesses, but keep in mind that He also gives us certain abilities that others cannot have. Strength and ability that will make ourselves unique and easily recognized by others. This is what is meant by making strength a personal identity. If you are created with a voice of gold, then develop your ability and make it as an inherent iddetitas to yourself. If you are a soccer player with above average skills, then let that be your identity. All abilities that God has given us, must be developed in order to become something useful for yourself and others.

4. Don't easily fall because of other people's thoughts and words about you
Not all of our friends and neighbors are people who always agree with us. Sometimes every movement of our lives becomes a special spectacle for certain people, and reaping hot comments that will certainly affect us. People around us are mostly easy to give negative comments that want to drop rather than giving positive comments. When we do whatever we think is right, sometimes it's always wrong in their eyes, this is a bad mental problem that often occurs. Most people will be very difficult to accept this condition, even bad comments coming from people around, can be a powerful murder weapon that the bus just immediately kills our character and makes us fall and afraid to do something about our lives. Look friends, I often deal with this condition. Based on my experience, what I do is act very stupid. If everything I do does not harm you, or your children, or involves your help then that is not a problem for you. When everyone can accept my presence and only you do not accept, it means that your problem, not me. When those super-busy people give sharp comments right to you, then let it go, it does not mean you have something extraordinary, that can seize his attention. Let them speak ill of you, all you need to do is. Close your ears, improve yourself, look forward, focus on your goals and let them comment about you.
I live my life, smile, be happy, 
and you are sick because of it? 
that's your problem

5. Learn from sniper, focus on your target
Everyone has something to target in his life. A sniper will successfully shoot his target correctly if he pays attention to these three things namely, focus, patience, and calmness in acting. These are also the 3 things that we must do in our lives so we can be ourselves. Focus, focus your attention on what you want to achieve. Listen to the positive comments that come, and close your ears to negative comments coming. Just look and focus on the point you want to reach. If sometimes we fail or fall, then what we need to do is, be patient. Don't rush, get up again, try again, fight again and stay optimistic. You need calmness to act. Keep calm, relax don't be in a hurry. Let everything flow as it should, just do your best and leave it to God, he is still the wise to give the best for our lives.

6. Love what you do
Do what you do with your heart. Love what you do, then work will also love you and have you. Do your tasks with a light heart and happy, that's how to enjoy your life. Break the burden and feeling of laziness that comes, open your heart to give a little special place in your heart for work or things you do, then you will know the meaning of enjoying real life.

If you serve with a smile and patience
work cheerfully and happily
then you successfully love your work
Didn't he give what you need?

7. Don't compare yourself to other people.
The easiest thing to make someone fall is to feel themselves the stupidest, most wrong, worst or ugliest. Remove everything from your mind and memory. Comparative attitude is endless. Instead it will make you more inferior when you see other people who are different from you. When inferiority has penetrated you, you will increasingly not want to get along with others, isn't that a very bad thing for you? 'Why are other people beautiful, smart and rich, while I am not?' If this sentence has ever crossed your mind, you are one of the people who thinks that life is not fair. Life sometimes does feel unfair, but that does not mean you have to be sad, hopeless and not enthusiastic in living it. Life is too short if you make it regret. If you want to look beautiful, you can take care so that the skin remains smooth. If you want to be rich, increase your hard work so that success comes to life. You must remember that the Moon and the Sun will not shine at the same time. Is not God has given us light - light that will shine when the time comes? Comparing yourself to others will also cause mental health to be impaired. Stress at any time will make you mentally ill. Furthermore, you will also develop slowly, and this is fatal. When everyone is racing to develop as you are, close yourself and slow to develop, then you will be left behind, your target and focus and your goals will be destroyed.

Every person has a different dose of life. God has given everything to us, be yourself by accepting and loving yourself and everything about us. Other people's comments, anxiety, ignorance, and inferiority will become negative thoughts that will destroy our own lives. Just live your life as it is, do what you have to do. Stay away from anything you have to stay away from. Do what deserves to be done and avoid all that must be avoided. You have the whole thing to yourself, as long as you don't do things that are detrimental to others. And one of the most important things, we have a great creator and director who has arranged everything about us, what we need to do is always to believe and be sure everything will come in time, shine in time and be beautiful in time.

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Being Yourself, Is A Need Not Just A Desire
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Fianosa - Website Sumber Informasi Inspiratif: Being Yourself, Is A Need Not Just A Desire
Being Yourself, Is A Need Not Just A Desire
Every person has a different dose of life. God has given everything to us, be yourself by accepting and loving yourself and everything about us.
Fianosa - Website Sumber Informasi Inspiratif
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